was born in 1969.
I live and work in the city of Sopot, Bulgaria.
I am always asked, “why exactly engravings and weapons?” Until now, I haven’t responded one way or the other to these questions. Actually, I have always had aspirations to work in the field of fine arts. For years now, I have been committed to drawing and graphics design. Then it seemed as if the transition of miniature wood carving and metal engraving came naturally to me. The biggest role played, however, was the chance to learn and master the craft and the opportunity to work with the best. I began to study the trade with renowned craftsman Svetlozar Raychanov. The first steps I took were due to him and Jordan Stanev. I gained experience throughout 1995, and already turned my hobby into a profession as a member of the engraving workshop group at the largest military establishment in Sopot, Bulgaria. In the coming years I gained professional self-confidence and formed my own style in the composition of the ornamentation. In 2001, I switched to an independent practice. On April 30th, 2002, I officially entered into the register of the masters of Bulgaria, and became a member of NSS UEAPME on September 4th, 2003. In 2005, along with other fellow enthusiasts, I became a founding member of the non-profit association, "Sopot Craft Guild" , an association which will be increasingly heard from. From 2011, I am a member of Association of Miniature Artists - AMA.  In 2012 I held the first activities with children of  crafts fine woodcarving and inlays, which was  launched the children craft school " MaystorchEta ". School, which to this day we develop - I with some colleagues . On Nowember 11th 2013 I was awarded in my countrie with the prize "Keeper of the traditions 2013" category " Crafts - adults "
In 2014. the American company Blacktail conclude contract with me for exclusive rights to my work on archery Bows .

I filled my time between the dates listed by making pretty decorated weapons, filling important orders (some for very important people), participating in a number of prestigious exhibitions, and much work and much love and care ...